Conscientious support with regular contact with myself. We will look at addressing your barriers to progress in terms of mindset, creating new habits that support your goals.

Weekly goal-setting using whatever method is most convenient to you to get you where you want to be.

Tailored nutritional support where I aim to build your knowledge and skills around food, so you can fuel yourself properly and train at your best, and also feel more empowered and in control of your choices. I am to get you to a place where you are, more importantly, free from having to rely on meal plans or the latest fad diet to get results —which, as we all know, are not sustainable long-term, and teach us very little about nutrition.

A training programme that considers your individual needs and preferences, and reflects your goals. This also includes a printable PDF workout log to track your training and progress.

Video form checks where we can look at the technique together. The aim of this is to help develop your lifting skill in order that you can be confident in the knowledge that you are performing lifts correctly and safely.

Client Review

“I decided to train with Jade cause I hit a wall with my training. Seeing how she has been able to master her physique gave me confidence in her as a trainer. I also needed someone to give me a little motivation and a kick. I'm now on week two of the 3 day a week plan & I can feel every single workout. I've not had DOMS like this for a while. There is also some exercises that are new for me and challenging me. I'm excited to see what is going to happen over the next 10 weeks. I would highly recommend this to people that need a little help with strength training. Well worth the money”


Private Sessions does not include anything sexual. Please do not ask for sexual acts or send me any request to perform sexual acts. Sessions are designed on a built to suit the clients needs. Rates per session can change based on the demands.

Specialties include smothering, face sitting rescue role play such as lifeguard or super hero, Muscle worshiping, pin wrestling, fantasy, pin holds, domination, foxy and fantasy boxing, posing, lift and carry, choke holds, strong squeeze cuddle sessions, belly punching, beat downs, scissors sessions, and lift and carries and foot fetish with limits no rubbing my feet on your genitals. I do not offer sex or any sexual services.

Skype Videos are only available by appointment. Skype is for paying clients only. Any request can be declined at my discretion.

Client Review

"To sum it up with one word "WOW!!!" I just had the pleasure (and pain!) of my first session with the beautiful and amazingly talented Jade of London. When she opened the door my jaw dropped as she is even more stunning in person than in her breathtaking pics. Jade has the beauty of a supermodel, with the curves and athletic body of a fitness model. What a perfect combo. Jade would place me in a sleeper hold with no pressure at all, and then simply flex her biceps and get me to tap out or pass out."