Jade is a wellness athlete and fitness expert from London. She is an elite fitness goddess, who is everything a real woman should be and more.

However, like many athletes, Jade wasn’t always an expert in weight training. Through her dedication and will, Jade was able to forge her physique. With each new workout, she kept pushing further and further.

As Jade’s experience improved, so did her physique. In time, people would start asking her for advice on training. It was at this point Jade realized she could make a living out of her passion for the ‘iron.’ Jade now uses her posts to not only educate but also inspire others to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Although Jade loves doing cardio, she doesn’t overdo it because she believes it can be ‘muscle-wasting.’

Her secret to a toned and fit physique lies in creating a structured training schedule and sticking at it. She trains heavy, and is a student of ju-jitsu.

Rest days aren’t usually a part of Jade’s routine. Even when she doesn’t train in the gym, she’ll do some sort of cardio – either outdoors or on a treadmill at home. She believes that a key to good health lies in staying active every day.

Jade’s daily meal plan for fat loss would look something like this;

1 squeezed lemon in a glass of lukewarm water
Egg whites with oatmeal

Protein Shake

Vegetable soup, egg sandwich, brown rice, and fish

Evening Snack
Fruit juice and vegetable salad

Chicken and Rice


Max Squat




Years Training


Days Training Per Week