The one true Muscle Goddess. I have been an athlete my entire life. This is my work of art for you to enjoy.

My physique can change in a matter of days due to travel, water retention from long hauled flights also due to the fact that my body responds so fast to training and diet.My grandfather was a professional wrestler and mother a Play Boy Bunny. I was an amazing sprinter and ran for my county due to my father's death. When I was 14, I couldn’t continue as I had to take care of my mum. I found bodybuilding an outlet for my sadness, a way to channel my anger into something positive, and also my happy place all at the same time my first job was in a bodybuilding gym.I am a lot stronger than I look, and love how diverse I can be. My sultry eyes are designed to give orders that you must follow.


Get one on one training personal training and meal plans. Online coaching is also available.

Personal Sessions

Specialities: smothering, face sitting rescue role play such as lifeguard or super hero, Muscle worshiping, Wrestling, fantasy, pin holds, domination, foxy and fantasy boxing,posing, lift and carry,choke holds, strong squeeze cuddle sessions, belly punching, beat downs, scissors sessions, and lift and carries and foot fetish with limits no rubbing my feet on your genitals.

Check Out My Specialties

Training is a lifestyle that requires discipline to master. I spending most of my time training in the gym and on the mat.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Pin Wrestling

Fantasy Boxing

Strength Training


The one true Muscle Goddess. I have been an athlete my entire life. This is my work of art for you to enjoy.

Before And After

My body has transformed over the years. From fitness to glamour, I can change my body to match any of my projects.

Building The Perfect Arms

I love working out my arms.

The Lifestyle

Always find time to get in the gym. No matter where I travel.


I have been featured in several magazines during my modeling career.


Find out what some of my clients had to say about their discrete sessions with me.

I have seen Jade several times. The first three times were when she was my personal trainer. Her bodybuilding and fitness career mean that, of necessity, she is an expert, and she is a hard driving, and driven athlete.


She had fun toying with me by switching back and forth between jiu jitsu holds and various head and body scissors leaving me no choice but to frantically tap out of her lethal grip. Her legs are as strong as they are beautiful and her steel hard arms are made for chokeholds.



Working out my arms with grappling and chokeholds. It's about more than just strength. It improves the technique and endurance.

Biceps And Trips


Lats And Shoulders